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All of us at LES HUNTER LAW CORPORATION want to keep safe and want you, your family, and our community to keep safe during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. As such, our office is closed to the public until further notice and open only for mail and/or courier deliveries and scheduled appointments. Further protocols have been put in place so that we comply with health official requests in relation to social distancing.

If you need to contact us, please call the office at 250-756-9950 or fax 250-756-9951. Thank you.
NOTE: Hunter Law is currently not accepting new matters at this time.

A letter from Leslie C. (Les) Hunter

LES HUNTER LAW CORPORATION is dedicated to providing quality legal services in a professional, but relaxed atmosphere. We take pride in being accessible and approachable for our clients and, together with our excellent support staff, will work hard to satisfy your legal requirements.

If you require REAL ESTATE or SUBDIVISION legal services, our offices have over 35 years practicing real estate law, including buying, and selling a home, mortgages, as well as subdivision, development, and strata development.

If you require PROBATE or ESTATE ADMINISTRATION services, we can assist you with dealing with applications for probate in the event of the death of a family member, or of a person who has appointed you as Executor of their Will, or in the event that no Will can be located. We can handle the entire probate or estate matter from start to finish.

We act for numerous corporations and we can oversee and maintain your COMPANY, registered and records offices requirements and related matters.

Les Hunter Law Corporation is currently not accepting new matters at this time but is proud of its history in Nanaimo, and have been pleased to serve your legal needs.

Areas of Practice



Wills & Estates

You need a legally binding will; otherwise the laws will dictate who receives your estate.




A living trust is an important part of your estate plan.



Real Estate Conveyance

Real estate conveyance is the legal transfer of title and property between two people.



Land Development

Land development law covers a broad range of legal services.



Buying & Selling a Business

The decision to buy or sell a business can be difficult.




A company is a legal entity that can be sued, or sue, and own real property.